What do we want?

Great Stories!

When do we want them?

After the following conditions have been met.

  1. Stories should be between 1000 and 5000 words long.
  2. Stories should be highly polished and as close to ready for publication as possible.
  3. Stories should be in an easy to read font and be free of any particularly challenging formatting wizardry. Our system can’t tolerate it.
  4. Stories must not have been previously published (unless we requested the piece).
  5. Stories must have been created by the submitter and the submitter must hold the copyright to those stories.
  6. All stories should approximate manuscript format as closely as possible. To understand manuscript format, please see "Modern Manuscript Format" by William Shunn.

How much do we pay? $5 for each accepted story. Royalties for the winners after we publish them in the anthology (see below for more info).

What do we do with your stories?

  1. We publish them as 1 of the 8 stories we take per month and place them on The Big Purple Wall, where readers vote on which story they want to see advance towards the championship.
  2. We acquire world electronic rights (text), first print rights, and non-exclusive anthology rights for our annual anthology. We maintain these rights for one year (until after the annual anthology is published). If you are unfamiliar with the term “First Rights,” an explanation can be found here.
  3. All entrants agree to be published in our annual Big Purple Book of Badass Stories. We will pay 5% royalties to monthly 1st place winners. Honorable mentions and Editor’s choice awards are published as a courtesy but receive no payments. No payments are disbursed until publishing costs are recouped.
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